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This ultra-high-precision Z-Foil surface-mount four-resistor network is the most precise resistor network in a dual inline package for amplifier applications

•Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) absolute: ±0.05 ppm/°C typical (0°C to +60°C)\±0.2 ppm/°C typical (-55°C to +125°C, +25°C Ref.)
•Tracking: 0.1 ppm/°C typical
•Tolerance match: 0.01%
•Power coefficient tracking −“R2 -R1 due to self-heating”: 5 ppm at rated power
•Power rating: at 70°C
◦Entire package 0.4 W, each resistor 0.1 W
•Ratio stability: 0.005% (0.1 W at 70°C, 2000 h)
•Large variety of resistance ratios
•Electrostatic discharge (ESD) above 25 kV
•Short time overload ≤0.0025%
•Non-inductive, non-capacitive design
•Rise time: 1 ns without ringing
•Current noise: <-40 dB
•Voltage coefficient <0.1 ppm/V
•Non-inductive: <0.08 μH
•Non-hot spot design
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a. SMNZ (10K-10K ohms @ 0.02%)
a. SMNZ (10K-10K ohms @ 0.02%)
Our Price: $38.00

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